Welcome to the world of Hannah Michaela Vandi that I allow you to look into. I live and work in the heart of London and love it, born in Freetown Sierra Leone also love spending time with my family and relaxing. Blog never in a million years did I ever think I will bring my thoughts outside of my head (which is plenty) and my personal space for everyone to see, but here I am.

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Creativity of Commitment @GetFit

“Thank you for stopping by and I pray you will be inspired in your journey”

This is a space for me to be myself and express it in poems and pictures and also give out tips on what I learnt over the years (which I call “Nugget of Information”)

The year 2020 lockdown has done wonderful things and also bad things to a lot of us. What it has made me aware of is the potential that God has placed inside each of us. We can either act on it or sit on it but we all have a choice in life. This girl is Christian and loves to talk about it and like anything we love we never keep quiet about it so is my love for God. Yes warning alert I write poems or should I say psalms of appreciation to our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit. I get my inspiration and motivation no surprise from God and the Bible which is my “nugget of Information” on how to live life to the fullest and enjoy it while I am at it. We only have one life and why be miserable about it. “Don’t take life so seriously but take God seriously”

We cannot change what happens around us but we can control our responses.

This is a space to be creative. Creativity of Commitment @GetFit is a combination that is not perfect but work in progress.

Perfection is a lie that I don’t aim for but I practice everyday to make progress. Then I see results and move to the next.

GeFit is part of my life journey, I not only stay fit physically meaning I exercise, try and eat healthy, clear my mental space, stay connected with people I know and I always find a creative way to do this and that way it is not boring or tiresome or a chore but something to look forward to.

Commitment is part of the journey to get anywhere or do anything I believe I have to be committed to it. Otherwise I lose hope, forget and dare must I say I love to journal too. Writing my thoughts down in the morning sets the day ahead, giving gratitude to the Almighty God in the morning, afternoon or night. Thanking God and everyone that will listen to me. 

 Sing to the Lord, all the earth
 Proclaim the good news of His Salvation from day to day 
Declare His glory among the nations
His wonders among all peoples

Little story:

When I was younger I loved reading. 
Excuse me, I loved TELLING STORIES. 
I don’t mean lying although I would not admit it 

I just did not give out the truth. 
Until I met Jesus, “The Truth will set you free”. 

I have a past like everyone else, some colourful and some just normal. 
But a past nevertheless
I love to travel
Above all else I love to have fun because I take myself too seriously sometimes
Also heard that your strength can also be your weakness, figure that out.
Life is journey, a marathon not a sprint
For someone who did 100m and 200m 
I have to learn to slow down and not get burned out.

Thanks and more to be featured as I develop….

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