Working from home

“Everything you say or do should be done in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.” Colossians‬ ‭3:17‬ ‭GW‬‬
I’m grateful that I have a job that lets me work from home and thankful for that I get to workout and have a healthy lifestyle because of the Grace of God!

No one is going to make you change but by the help and grace of our Father you can change but you have to be a willing participant not an observer. Be intentional about changing and doing it daily. What you do when no one is looking defines who you are? We all are in the same boat right now, so the excuses are not valid anymore, no one can go to the gym do with what you have and see the results. It is always worth it, nothing done easily ever lasts, cooked food always tastes better than microwave food in my opinion.

“Tomorrow is often the busiest time of the year. – Danish proverb”

Making excuses was a thing that I did, I will do it tomorrow at some point tomorrow does get so busy that you are tired and you will not be able to accomplish anything.  I had to be intentional about everything.


Google search –  “the fact of being deliberate or purposive.” PHILOSOPHYthe quality of mental states (e.g. thoughts, beliefs, desires, hopes) which consists in their being directed towards some object or state of affairs.

When I first started this I found myself sitting on the screen for over four hours of no movement and that evening was a turning point as this was going to be a normal thing I had to change. Yes I prayed, for God does help you in times of trouble.

That weekend I started researching and thinking of what is the best thing to do to not break my back or come out worse than when we went in. I Pray to God for guidance.

So when I started work on Monday, one thing that I did was to set my watch to have the active minutes on and actually do 250 steps every hour and this was not easy. Constant battle to get up, I had to self talk and say this is for your good and it will benefit you. Set an alarm to go for lunch and the reason I did that was to have a consistent routine and get my head in the right place. 

Was this plan flawless of course not, I intentionally have to get up when the alarm goes off to get off my chair, lock the screen and walk away. Another thing was limiting my time on my phone during that lunch time, no good coming from the large screen only to pick up the small screen.

Actively listening to all wellbeing talks for that was another communication from God to help me with working at home, and they are very helpful and putting it into practice makes so much difference to our mental health.

Practical things : Intentional about it and doing it regularly

  • First thing, always get enough rest. Sleep well and that will set you up for the day. I made sure I was in bed at a set time, yes the world will still be around when you get up by God’s grace. Sometimes I am tempted to look at my phone and that makes me not sleep. So what I started to do was ten minutes before bed I will intentionally put the phone away until morning. Not always done but 80% of the time I get a well rested sleep – still work in progress.
  • Plan your day, put exercise in it and stick with it. I exercise in the morning after praying. Loads of YouTube videos to help you, find one and complete the video and no point doing five minutes and saying you are bored. I found one a year ago after searching for a long time and she is lovely and inspirational too big bonus (Sydney Cummings and totally worth it). Another tip is never skip breakfast, I always eat breakfast in the morning before I start my day (unless I am fasting then I skip). Breakfast is a life choice for more than 5 years now so it is part of me.
  • Open your windows to circulate the air in the house and that helps so much with your mental being. The birds have always been around but I can also hear them so clearly.
  • Discipline had a big part to play and a change of mindset. We can never acheive anything if our mindset is “I can’t do” then you will never do it. Change it to “I get to exercise.. I get to pray.. I get to ..” 

Also it is not an overnight change, be kind to yourself and celebrate every achievement. When I first got my first achievement of 8 hours of 250+ active steps per hour. I celebrated with a chocolate and if you miss any don’t beat yourself over it, tell you what you will tell a friend when they didn’t achieve something. It takes the grace of God and lots of practice to get to the stage of loving myself because you cannot give what you don’t have.

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