Hope in the Almighty Father!


With the help of Jesus Christ we can truly know the Love of God. When we know His Unconditional Love we can truly grasp His Mercy, His Grace, His Faithfulness, His Forgiveness, His Peace, His Provision, His Friendship and His very presence at work in us.

Having the Hope of God is completely different to the hope of the world. Hope doesn’t come naturally but it is natural for us to cross our fingers and hope for the best.

It is harder to expect confidently in God. To have hope we must know God. Why? Because God is our Hope and for us to live a life of Hope we must know Him.

We have two types of hope: worldly hope and God Hope. Worldly hope is hoping for the best and not expecting anything.

God doesn’t need a mountain of Hope, He just needs a seed to grow it to something to sustain us in the good times and in the devastating times.

Be encourage to make the God of Hope your Hope through Christ you have confident expectations far exceeds any worldly hope.

Lord apart from You we can do nothing but through Christ we can do everything! Amen.

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