Want to LOSE weight? Weekly Tips:

Happy Friday everyone!

Time to relax and enjoy the company of yourself or your loved ones. Whatever you are doing this weekend, be there and not think of what you should be doing?


One of the steps to LOSING weight:

@ Eat Real food  – LOSING FAT is far easier when we focus on real food – that means minimise your processed foods.

REAL FOODS are filling, satiating and delicious. When you focus on these foods you feel less hungry and also less desire for ‘JUNK’ food.

Try the weekend to feel your fridge and cupboards up on the real food to avoid getting random food in the week without thinking.

Try eating vegetables or salad first at every meal before everything else. I challenge you to change your mindset about vegetables and salad.

Whenever I have them, I find I am full and satisfied and no need to eat more, why? because you will burn more calories, feel satiated and lose more weight if you get more of your calories from real food rather than from processed food even if the calories are the same.

Also avoid high sugar foods and drinks and any processed food labelled ‘low-fat’, ‘reduced-fat’ or ‘fat-free’ reading the labels and ingredients of these, I find that some are very high in sugar, starch or salt than the full versions to make up for the flavour and texture lost when the food manufacturers take out the fat.

So want to lose weight forget reduced and low fat foods, they may actually make you gain weight as the high sugar content triggers insulin release and they fail to satisfy your appetite and not to forget the reduction level in your dopamine (feel-good hormone) in the brain and can cause overeating.


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