Another tip for fat-loss

Thank God it’s Friday!

Time for the weekend to relax and meet up with others or more time to go out for long walks.

Another tip to staying in control of your food intake: 

Eat without distractions: 

A lot of us eat in front of the TV or while working on the computer… DO NOT 


We are less likely to notice what we are eating and more likely to eat a lot. 

Making time for a formal meal at a table rather than grabbing a meal while on the run or in front of a screen could help cut down on unhealthy snacking.

So the moral is watch your TV shows or switch it off and prepare the meal and sit and chew your food. 

If you don’t have time to prepare your meals, I suggest you prepare meals in advance and it is just a matter of sitting down and eating. 

Better yet it is another form of activity, walking around the kitchen preparing your meal and the TV shows can wait. Your mind becomes active and you can use your creativity to think of the meals you want. 

If we watch TV for more than 3 hours then we have time to cook a meal for 30 mins and spend 15 mins eating. Time well spent.

Spending that time preparing the meal means you can see the food on the plate and actually enjoy what you have made and eat sensibly knowing when you are full.

This will help you with your shopping next time, gives you ideas of what you will need for your next meal. 

This weekend, enjoy your meal without any distraction. 

 Stay strong, have fun and celebrate each success. 

Thanks so much for taking the time to read, have a wonderful day and weekend.

City of Commitment @GetFit:

Word of encouragement: You are never alone and learn from your experiences. Notice the habits, figure out what you need, take small steps to achieving the goal you want and finally don’t beat yourself up.

But you must be strong to fight against him. Trust God completely. Remember this: Believers all over the world are having the same kind of trouble1 Peter 5:9 EASY

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