Appreciate everything in life:

I thought I knew myself but it is good to know that  
You know me better than I know myself 
For before I was formed You knew me 
Before the earth was created You knew me  
You knew who my parents will be 
You knew the colour of skin 
You knew what nationality I will be 
The year I was born and what country I will grow up

When I give up on me 
You never give up instead 
You sent Jesus to show me the way 
You send the Holy Spirit to encourage  
You send a friend to cheer me up 

What is life without You 
Meanless for it is better to spend one day with You 
Than a thousand in the pub 

When the burden is heavy to carry  
I know that I can trust You and not carry myself 
Who am I that You should partner with me 
It is always a privilege to follow You 
To focus my eyes on You, Jesus 

Sometimes when I look to the left or right  
This makes me trip and fall but before  
I reach the ground you right there helping me up  
No judgement or condemnation 
Just pure Love 

This is the Love that makes me jump for Joy 
Gives me inner Peace that is beyond human understanding 
When things seem to go wrong  
You give me the patience to continue the journey 

I found that I am weak and cannot control myself  
I turn to you and you give me the strength to be in control 
Because of Christ my worldly desires are in the past 

Sometimes, I do want to do good but then 
I found myself doing the thing that I shouldn't be doing 
I know it is the evil desires in me that comes out 
For it is only You that helps me  

So I acknowledge the desires and submit it to You God 
Casting all my cares to You  
I will acknowledge that I am indeed weak without You 
So I will come to You in my weakness 
For you give the rest I always need  

Thank You for been my Father 
Friend, Saviour, Almighty God 
And above all else sending JESUS 

Thank You Jesus for choosing me. 

Thanks so much for taking the time to read.  
Hannah-Michaela City of Commitment @GetFit:

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