Who do I please

Trying or looking for approval from anyone that is not God can lead us down the path that is dangerous to our souls.

Now sometimes we all fall in this trap. I started something so different and creative in the way God wants me to do it. It takes one or two people commenting on it to change it to suit there style not mine. It is not even mine, for it is God that works in us for the good of those that LOVE Him.

These are the days I am very happy that I am a thinker not someone that does what others say. It is also my downfall, but thinking it through, bringing it to God in prayer. Also means getting His approval on it.

Aaron fall for that trap, by pleasing the people.

Our ways are not His ways and waiting can be a good thing for us. In the period of waiting we our moulded to what God wants us to be from the inside out.

By using one of the fruit of the Spirit Patient which is LOVE in waiting can strengthen our faith in God.

We can be KIND which is LOVE interacting and listening to others. It does not mean we do what they say. It means weigh it, pray on it, think it over. If it is right for us then we will be at PEACE with it – LOVE at rest.

It is also beyond human understanding. Today I go this new week armed with full armour of God, knowing that He has got me at the palm of His hand. He has you at the palm of His hand and that is how amazing our Father and Saviour of our Lord Jesus Christ is.

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