Walk with a purpose!

He urged them to ask the God of heaven to show them 
his mercy by telling them the secret, 
so they would not be executed along 
with the other wise men of Babylon. 
Daniel 2:18 NLT
Wwwp5K - Day 4

Love Fridays, time to relax and rest

Happy Friday and Hello weekend
Father, thank You for another day
Thank You for chosen us
Even before You created the world

Your deeds and works towards us are intentionally
You have given us a unique personality and
You want each of us to display
Our creativity and sit at your feet
as You show us Your mistery and wills
Thank You for creating us so wonderfully complex 

As I walked in the park 
The crow stands out in the field 
The contrast to the colour was captivating
Who will have taught, as I got closer 
I kept saying to myself please God let it stay 
so I get a picture and get a closer look
So I did with a smile  

One thing that kept twirling in my mind
Was how beautiful it was among the leaves
We are called to be set apart 
To be our unique self

Because everyone else is taken 
And it will be a shame and 
also a waste to let it die
Without exploring it
Today I let my hair down

On the way home skipping
Jumping and how freeing it was 
The thought was so captivating
Didn't even know that
I was home and I got back to work 
Smiling and thinking what a day

The adventure continues and I must say my goodbye
If the Lord wills I will see you tomorrow 

Pray you have a wonderful weekend.
Lord Jesus, thank You for showing us what it means to be in the presence of our Father
To love Him because He loved us first
 To adore Him and also taking the leap of faith
Trusting in You and reaching towards us before we sink. 
Let Your will be done God, In Christ Jesus, Amen.

Thank You for stopping by
It is the weekend, Time to rest
REST is NOT optional extra
God did it
Never feel guilty taking time off
Have a wonderful day!
~Hannah  M Vandi

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