Walking on the Winning side

“I am the Alpha and the Omega,” 
says the Lord God – the one who is, and who was, and who is still to come – the All-Powerful!  
Revelation 1:8 NET
Always be ready to capture the moments
Www p5K Day 20 - A beautiful Sunday, not raining

It is another day, LORD
Thank You for making me see this day
Waking to the news that we are in Tier 4
What does that mean?

This is all so confusing to me
The changes are too much 
What do I do? 
Looking up in the sky 

For You give us what we need at the proper time
You have opened Your hands to satisfy our desires
Lord we do believe in You
It does get hard as the circumstances change around us

As I sit and look at the four corners of the walls
Dearing to believe the magic You have given us 
I look to You Yahweh 
For Your Kingdom is eternal

The testing of Christmas, the light 
One cannot help but wonder what is this about
Blessed be the Rock of my Salvation 
For You have trained me to fight and not be passive

You are the foundation of my life
My rescuing Knight and my shield 
My comforter and my loving kindness
Your marvelous doings are headline news

Lord, come down from Heaven 
Light the place on fire and ignite the flame of healing
Lord, reach from the skies to the deepest of the sea 
Pull me out of the deep ocean of hate

Out of the grip of this virus 
That wants to bring more hate, to the world
O Lord let us sing a new song to You 
The  God who saves us
The God who rescues His servants 
The God who is merciful and Gracious
Not quick to anger but full of unconditional Love
Father, You are good to all and take care of all Your Creation 

© Hannah Michaela Vandi

Thank you for stopping by, it means a lot to me.

Have a wonderful day! Stay Bless and safe

All pictures are taken with my phone or camera and some edited with an app 🙂

Season’s Greeting!

I wanted to update: Taking a break on Nugget of Info, Wednesdays and Fridays break until 2021. Will continue this kind of unusual Advent of walking with the Lord. Stay blessed.

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