Walking into the unknown

'Whoever says, “I know him,” but does not do 
what he commands is a liar, 
and the truth is not in that person. ' 
1 John 2:4
Sliding down the tunnel. Hey you, where do you think we will end?
Well, let me see I have no idea and maybe we get to see what the underworld is like? Who knows, this is fun! Don't you think?
Don't like the sound of that?  You know we could turn back and see if we can get back outside
Now now no fun in that, besides I want to know where this leads to.

You have always wanted to kill me, will this is your chance to do it.
As we landed at the bottom, looking around at the amazing site
wow, this is not what I was expecting it to be.

Be quiet we don't know what or who stays here
You should come out of hiding and look, oh wait! What? 

I think I can hear footsteps. They are getting closer, let us hide. 
Great, hmm where exactly do you see us hiding? 

As I turned and moved into the tunnel leading back to the top, standing a little inside to see them and enough that they can't see us unless they at the mouth of the entrance. 

Matching in a formation and walking towards us. Well the adventure might be over too soon I am afraid.. 

Hannah Michaela Vandi

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