'You, Lord , keep my lamp burning; my God turns my darkness into light. ' 
Psalms 18:28 
This weekend, not sure what you did
But I was sitting down and just deleting the photos 
organising the photos and as I look back
they are memories of the days when I could meet people

The Shard, looking down from it 
well one thing is I don't like height but 
I do seem to find myself in this situations

Why don't I say no? 
My answer is.. why not try it? 
To me overcoming anything is just doing it. 
Trusting in the Lord

Well as others will say, you have a death wish?
Now now not a death wish but a zeal for life
It is fun when you look back 
what a crazy night or day 

so I say enjoy the day or night
do something that you wouldn't normal do
make it fun, but do take God seriously.

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