O Lord, You are my God 
I will exalt You
I will praise Your name
For You have done wonderful things
Your counsel of old are faithfulness and truth
Isaiah 25:1 NKJV
For God is in Heaven and I am on earth.

This week, the love week I call it 
Two are better than one
When it gets cold you can warm each other up

So I ponder to myself, how can one be warm alone?

Meaningless I tell you, but I do love LOVE
It brings a smile to my face
It is all meaningless and great misfortune 

So I decided to be mad this week
Get some music and dancing 
Hands wide open as I swirl around
Lost in the madness of Love and laughter 
Oh what joy the heart has 
I am a rose of Africa 
And the lily of the valleys

Africa has taught me to live in the moment

Here is what I have found as I looked back at the memories 
Life is short, be kind to others
Better to live with no regrets than with what ifs

Madness everywhere but the fun is letting my hair down
Eating in the dark is no good
In the land surrounded by sea 
For the bones will pass your hand to a place unexpected 
Tears fill my eyes not from pain 
But from memories of joy
It is all vanity

© Hannah M Vandi
Thank You for stopping by, I bless the Lord for your life
and I praise His name for the little things He does and May we notice it always.
In the Name of our Lord Jesus, amen.


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