Walking into the unknown

Your sun shall no longer go down
Nor shall the moon withdraw itself
For the Lord will be your everlasting light
And the days of your mourning shall be ended
Isaiah 60:20

The Story continues….

Amiya looked at her predicament as she looked up the tree, knowing that she will not have to endure this very long.  She will be free soon, tears filled her eyes as she remembered that night. Woken up by the sound of a clink-clink-clink-clink of pebbles on her window. The sound was the unmistakable sound calling her, she knew she was had to get away from the prison called home and wanted to come into the world that is forbidden with her love. Athan had promised her that they will find a place to rest and she will rule the world, but what awaited them was far more than was expected.

Hey looking down, will be done soon. With a quick step went under her bed and grabbed her bag and lost in thought and turned around standing in front of her was her beloved. Lost in his eyes, moving ever so closely into his embrace as he gently put his left hand under my head and his right hand embraces me. 

Come we must leave as he pulled my hands, you don’t need your bag. We travel light and we must make haste for the light will be upon us soon and we have a long trip. Your chariot awaits you “my lady” getting to the ground was a chestnut horse as he climbed and pulled me behind him.

The journey was indeed long, on the horse holding his waist as we raced through the ground that was rich, good grazing land that was broad, quiet and peaceful.  Lost in my thoughts of what the future holds as they race through the field. 

As I could hear the sound, I raised my eyes and saw a horde in our way and asked Athan, What do you see? I could not be certain but we have an unwanted guest in the way. It looks like twenty of them and we have a time limit before the portal closes. What can we do? I asked

You cannot escape, came the unmistakable sound of my brother. Always thinking he is in charge of everything. As Athan whispered and cast a spell we vanished into thin air only to appear in this place trapped. As I frown in curiosity, What went wrong? I asked as he freed himself and could not free me. Magic is complex and one can never be certain. Can you free me? No he said as the knot tightens around my wrist screaming in pain. Standing up he let go and continued, your brother and I used magic at the same time and in the process we have accidentally ended up in this land. The consequence is you and as he moved away looking for a way to free me turned around

I will be back and no doubt in mind but his eyes had determination and something else as jumps the huddle away and was on the other side. Well this is a good way to start a life, with a sigh moving closer to the tree to rest my head.

© Hannah M Vandi

Thanks so much for stopping by.

I seem to like the short story in the moment 🙂

This is a journal of imaginative mind, fiction and also not much editing letting the words flow. Come back next week to see what happens. For as humans we need to be creative, use imagination and be the best version of ourself. Just like our Father wants us to be.

Who knows the mind of a human, only God!

I do love the Lord and I love that you took the time to read my blog. Bless you.

Have a wonderful day 🙂

All pictures are mine, with a touch of editing app adding

Thank you for stopping by
God bless you in your journey

Secure yourself to the amazing Father
and the Lord of our Saviour Jesus Christ

Walk in His promises for Your life
Write them down

Say them out loud to yourself or anyone who will listen

Glorify His name especially in the bad weathers
His promises are trustworthy all the time

© Hannah Michaela Vandi

All pics are taken on my walks of life
some modified with apps to see a different angle 🙂

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