Walking into the unknown

'For “the earth is the Lord ’s, and everything in it.”'

1 Corinthians 10:26

It is Earth day, let us see the beauty of the earth as You see it Lord 
Your creation shows the beauty beyond words
The sun brings smiles to our face
The moon lets us know You are with us even in the darkness
The Earth is Yours and everything in it.

Fulrose? It was Nwe’s whisper. Nwe walked as she looked down at the sword, it was oozing a different colour and glowing brightly and blindly. Athan was focused on finding something and distracted. Fulrose, are you alright?

Fulrose pulled a ragged breath, as she was pulled behind Athan with an invisible cord twisted around her waist and tugged her heart. Maybe it was a dream, she wished it was and she knows it wasn’t. Walking close behind him as she has found out the further away from him the heart was pulled out of her chest. She fell on her knees as Athan ran because he had found what he was looking for. Letting out a sigh, It came out like a choking sob, as Nwe came closer to her. What is it?  She was struggling to breathe. What can I do? How can I help? 

Nothing.. Oh Nwe nothing can be done. Her words cut off as a dark form slipped into the room and the air changed. Something is not right as Fulrose slipped in and out of consciousness. Oh Fulrose, you must fight it. He has fallen into the pit and no longer himself. We need to fight together, he’s..

Fulrose started shaking and shook until Nwe taught her teeth will fall off, then she stopped. Wake up! Open your eyes, we have to fight together. The dark form stopped a few meters away, eyes that glowed pure white in the dark. His face looked transformed and not like the Athan we first met. 

Fulrose blinked and got up looking around, tell me what happened? She looked up and then at Athan and stood up. 

Athan spoke up, no one living has ever achieved what we have, for I am now the most powerful being and nothing can stop me. He taught about it as he walked around them, for he wanted them in his sight. He was not fully powerful yet and needed the sword to complete the transformation. We can work together and become an unstoppable team. 

Do you know how we can? Nwe asked. 

He thought about it as he looked at her, listening to the rhythmic heartbeat for a lie but could not find any or she had got good at concealing it. Fulrose has proven a strong opponent and a force to fear. She has broken the cord alone, and is looking stronger than before.

I am restored, said Fulrose. I can feel the magic of the sword and his magic too. 

Nwe came closer, What? 

Not the way you think, my magic is tied to him and then you. The consequence of what he did cannot go unpunished. 

What do you mean? 

Why do you look concerned? It is a good thing. 

I don’t know what you mean. Magic is not something we know about, looking at the sword. You should keep it. 

No, as Nwe was about to give her the sword. It is not mine to keep and see the glow that it gives belongs only to you. We all have our own responsibilities and it will not work if I took yours. In your hand, the sword will devour all flesh it comes into contact with like it did earlier. 

We have to find a way to defeat him…

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