Night in the woods:

Walk in Burgers-Park, Southwark London: It has little mini forest with trees surrounding it. I love walking in it. Not at night, It is already dark in the day.
Each evening
Random inspiration echoes in the night
As we sit by the night clear sky 
The woods burning and the fire ablaze

We need the inspiration to walk into our rooms 
Two miles from the fire place as random 
Ghost stories are told and even demons 
Come into the conversation 

I could get up and walk away from the stories
It was too enticing and it might be rude 
Yes, this is peer pressure 
My itching ears also wanted to stay and hear the end 

I stayed until the end
Yes I get to walk in the dark alone
And the leaves moves and 
every shape resembles the stories

My heart starts to pound so hard 
My eyes start to deceive me 
My mind starts to play tricks
My feet starts to slow down

I stopped, a sound something is coming
Should I run or wait for the beast to come
This is the mind telling me the things I should not hear
Out of the corner of my eyes was a movement 

The shape was getting larger 
I mean the shadow was coming close
Why can’t I run, fear has root me on the spot
Boo! I scream and laughter echoed 
Thank You for stopping by. 

Inspired by the Ragtag Daily prompt

The Lord Jesus will remain forever
His throne from generation to generation 
The circle of love is full of everything that life briings

May the light in you shine bright always
May the Name of our God be glorify
Have a restful weekend
In the Name of Jesus

© Hannah Michaela Vandi

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