Wordle 511 : Fiction: Here is an attempt.. Thanks for stopping by and reading. Stay bless 🙂

Rising early was not something 
One should do on holidays
But the heat had kept me up all night 

Opening the blinds 
Praise the Lord God for 
the sky was clear as the doorbell rang
Who could that be? 
Too early for breakfast..
No need to speculate with thoughts of what lies ahead
One almost forgot about the continuous ringing of the doorbell
And Whoever it was…
Is not giving up... as it continues

Would you take a hint and go away 
As far as everyone is concerned I am not here
So I looked out the window to enjoy the blue sky 
as the ring now turns to knock...
Alright I am coming...

What a lovely surprise at the door 
My lovely red dress was in his hands 
And a smile to make any girl think 
Thank you and I thought of ignoring the bell
As he smiles and walked past

One could almost forget he is always charming
Yes, I know I am not the only one… 
Far be it for me to look further into the future

One can only dream for I am now rekindle with my dress 
As spontaneous as this visit was 
The sparks did not fly 
Had a date at the theatre
Looking forward to wearing the dress

What an evening as the legendary band came to stage 
The heats was up as the voice got louder
The magic did happen and the sparks did fly 
What an evening!
What a day!

© Hannah Michaela Vandi 

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