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First a thank you to Matt for tagging me. He is a kind hearted and lovely man.

I have come to know Matt on Saturdays Bloggers chat when I can join. 

The British Museum

Here is how the tag works.

1- Choose any picture you like to represent school.

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4- Answer the questions.

5- Tag whoever you like.

I grew up and went to school in Freetown, Sierra Leone 
and the memories of my school days comes crashing down
running and playing for no care in the world 

Here are the questions with my answers.

  1. What is a favorite memory for you from your school days?

I was a 100m and 200m runner and did both individual events as well as  4 X 100 meters and 4 X 200 meters. Sport days were the best days, practicing first thing before school and after school during the season. Loved running and it was always fun to win the races and get the prize. 

  1. What is a fun story from your school days?

Went to an all girls school, we walked home together laughing and screaming until we got home. It was fun walking for about thirty minutes. After school, walking home was fun.

Also we had all these boys who came to escort us home. That was fun.

  1. Who is a teacher you have fond memories of?

My physics teacher was very sweet and encouraging. He was young and most of the girls liked him. 

  1. What classes did you like as a child?

Maths was my favourite class. It involved not just reading but calculations and you needed to work the problem not a yes or no answer. No guess when it comes to Maths.

  1. What classes did you like as a university student?

I did Physics with Medical Applications, I liked the maths of it, Quantum Physics was interesting to learn, not sure if I remember much anymore.

  1. Is there a teacher who impacted your life?

My papa was a Physics and Maths Teacher (boys school)/Lecturer(FBC University)  and you can kind of guess why I chose those subjects. He also taught me at home, we got close that way as well as watching football together and going out for walks or a drive. I also helped mark the papers as I got older. After University when I made up my mind to do my own thing and not do Physics. He was a very supportive and my number one fan.

  1. Is there a teacher you did not like but now you do?

My Maths teacher in School had a different way of answering the questions. I was taught differently at home, I didn’t like it but I eventually learned both ways to get the same answer. He made me know what it is like to be humble. He was a good teacher and I like him now.

If they choose to participate, I would like to tag:

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and many words there is also vanity. 
But fear God. 
Ecclesiastes 5:7

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