God is good and deserves all the glory!

'My heart explodes with praise to you! 
Now and forever my heart bows in worship to you, 
my King and my God!'

Psalms 145:1 TPT
Generations upon generations will sing Praise to You 
And we will declare the mighty works 
Of our Father 

No one is like You Father 
You get all the glory 
Let the river clap a joyful song to the Lord 

Lord You are great 
Lord You are marvelous 
The Lord is righteous in all His way

In this world nothing is done without You 
A wise man’s heart is at his right hand,
But a fool’s heart at the left

There is evil that I have seen under the sun
There is also Joy that is unspoken 
The Lord preserves all who love Him

For Joy comes from the heart that is close to the Lord 
For the Lord will bring every work into judgement 
He sends out His commandment to the earth

The Lord is good to all 
Every secret thing good or evil 
Light will shine on it 

There is a place next to Tower Bridge 
That I walk under and get a good view of the bridge
Also love to look at the pebbles 

This week we have high tide so I couldn’t get down
I walked close to it and looked 
For the waves kept crashes into the staircase

Truly I tell you light is sweet
And it is pleasant for the eyes to behold the sun 
As the sunflower loves the sun 

I tell myself we must love the light 
For what good is it in the darkness 
For there is many in darkness 

But light will always shine brightly 
Let us rejoice in our youth 
For all things are vanity 

Remember the creator 
For the race is a marathon
And we need the strength to complete it 

We also need the water 
that quenches our thirst in the journey
Giving us endurance and perseverance 

What is man without the fruit of the spirit?
Let Your kingdom come on Earth as it is in Heaven
Let Your will be done in my life 

So I tell myself, we are God’s workmanship
We must make use of it, for God has given us  
Something beyond our imagination 

For our God and Father 
Is a God of impossibilities with love and compassion 
See to it that light is in front of us  

And fear God 
For death comes to all
And all else is vanity.
© Hannah Michaela Vandi
Happy Friday and thank you for stopping by. 
It means a lot to me that you are here today
Have a wonderful day and blessed weekend
Be present in all things

"We cannot change what happens around us 
but we can change our responses." 
The flesh is weak, don't depend on it 🙂

All pictures are taken on my adventures 
my phone or camera
some edited with an app

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