Praises –

'“I am telling you the truth: 
those who hear my words and 
believe in him who sent me have eternal life. 
They will not be judged, but have already passed from death to life. '

John 5:24 GNT
There is no one like our God
There will never be anyone like God
He is a living God

As He lives, so is the Son of God
And all life comes from Him 
Let us heed His words 

For all other words are death 
All other words will only lead to condemnation 
Evil is born when we hardened 
our hearts to the voice of the Lord

The Lord is our dwelling place for generations 
Before the creation of the world 
Before light came to the world 
Even from everlasting to everlasting You are God

You turn man to destruction 
You promised that the dead will hear 
the voice of Christ Jesus 
You have given authority to us to 
hear and not hardened our hearts 

For a thousand years in Your sight 
Is like yesterday past 
And like a watch in the night 
Our God is a God that His promise never fails 

Like a flood that comes unexpected 
You carry the light in every area of our lives 
You have set our iniquities before You
Our secret sins are never hidden from You

Who knows the power of Your anger?
For as the Sun rises in the morning 
And it scorchs in the day
And sets in the evening 

So is the fear of the Lord
Teach us Your ways, so we will number the days 
And gain a heart of wisdom 
Satisfy us early with Your mercy 
That we will rejoice and be glad all our days

Let Your work appear to Your servant 
And let the beauty of the Lord be upon us 
Blessed be the Lord forevermore
Amen and amen
Thank you for stopping by
God bless you in your journey

Secure yourself to the amazing Father
and the Lord of our Saviour Jesus Christ

Walk in His promises for Your life
Write them down

Say them out loud to yourself or anyone who will listen

Glorify His name especially in the bad weathers
His promises are trustworthy all the time

© Hannah Michaela Vandi

All pics are taken on my walks of life
some modified with apps to see a different angle 🙂

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