Walking into the unknown

The Lord said He would dwell in the dark cloud. 

2 Chronicles 6:1b

The story continues…

Looking at the drawings on the wall something on the wall caught her eyes and her eyes opened as she released that she was trapped. He moved to it and touched the symbol, a large vase with an eagle drawing. 

This symbolises power, you know what the eagle is like. They don’t naturally have groups meaning they are loners and lay two eggs. Fanacticing thing is that they fight for a place to stay, like you and I. The magic is to be held by one only and the sword by another and I plan on getting both. The older of the siblings usually wins the fight. 

You know, you are right and I seem to remember the female wins the fight usually, so the odds are in our favour as Fulrose entered the cave. 

Boy was I glad to see her, and why is she here and not with my body to bring me back..

As if reading my thoughts, moving in as Athan moved further away. You know I knew something was wrong when you stopped moving, signaling to move closer. Your body was limp and not responding to the touch of the sword so I acted and ran as fast as I could.

Reckless and smart, so what and why are you here? She shook her head and glad to be saved and her eyes widened. 

Calm, stay calm, she told herself. You are here that counts for something and the power of the sword was stronger than him. 

Together we are stronger and the dynamic in the room changed. With the sword in her hand as she touched me and we were both back in the room and back in my body. I have never been happy to be alive, that was stupid. If it had not worked, well then we would both be dead. I trusted in the award to be true when I distinctly heard to go get you now.

to be continue… previous stories link below:

© Hannah M Vandi

Thanks so much for stopping by. This is a journal of imaginative mind, fiction. Come back next week to see what happens. For as humans we need to be creative, use imagination and be the best version of ourself. Just like our Father wants us to be.

Who knows the mind of a human, only God!

Have a wonderful day 🙂


Praises –


You will worship me with all your heart,
and I will be with you

Jeremiah 29:13 CEV
Can we find such a one as this, a man whom is the Spirit of God?

I am enjoying getting to know God through Joseph’s story 

The Bible is rich with wisdom and knowledge 
The sun rises and the sun sets 
The eye is never satisfied with seeing

Nor is the ear filled with hearing 
What is crooked cannot be made straight 
And what is lacking cannot be numbered
For I say to my heart 
All will pass away 
Wisdom comes from the Father
And the fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge 
With it comes wisdom to discern 

For the Lord is the One that sees the heart of men 
For without the Lord, the heart falls into despair 

All madness, so I say to myself I will trust in the Lord 
I will boast in Him only 
For His eyes watches over all our ways
Nothing can be hidden from His face
So I come closer to Lord
For Who can hide from Him

In the mountains, the hills and the caves 
The Lord is right  there
The Lord my God is my strength and my fortress 

My refuge in the day of affliction 
When I could not think and get so distracted 
I call upon His name 

And He delivered me from my fears 
The Lord redeems the soul of His servants 
And none of those who trust in Him shall be condemned

Be glad in the Lord and rejoice
Shout for joy, all you are upright in heart

For He remains faithful forever
That is the true nature of our God 
Thank you for stopping by
God bless you in your journey

Secure yourself to the amazing Father
and the Lord of our Saviour Jesus Christ

Walk in His promises for Your life
Write them down

Say them out loud to yourself or anyone who will listen

Glorify His name especially in the bad weathers
His promises are trustworthy all the time
© Hannah Michaela Vandi

Friend-we all need one

As reflect on what a friend is. This is inspired by RDP- Sunday-Friend

Old photo of mine that bring memories: 2015 Holiday in Fetya, Turkey
What is a friend?
Be a friend you want as a friend
Show the kindness and generosity 

A friend is born in adversity 
A friend is true to themselves 
A friend speaks truth in love 

Two are better than one 
Because we get a better reward going on holiday together
We laugh to remind each other what not say

For when we fall and in need of a hug
We lift each other up 
We keep each other from falling into the hole of despair 

And three are more fun in the park 
As the laughter echoes 
It becomes a party

A party to dance 
The dance of life is good with someone
Yes having a friend is more than a brother or sister

It also tests the patience of our hearts 
It shows me how to be kind
It shows me that we are only human and mistakes do happen

But knowing You, friend is worth the dance of life
You are a good ear that listens 
An inspiration when needed 

This is only possible because of a friend we have in common

One friend that makes us who we are today 
One friend that makes us listen to each other
One friend that heals our wounds 
One friend that binds the bonds between us

Without this friend, I am sure you will have killed me 
Without this friend, we might not speak to each other ever 
Without this friend, I will not know what forgiveness is 
Without this friend, I truly will not have know the meaning of Love

Our friend together as one 
He choose both of us 
He gave us a second chance

And now I always smile when you do silly things 
And I am free to correct you and not to kill you
And to be kind when all you need a listening ear

Thanks be to our faithful Friend
Whose name is above all other names 
His Name is no other than JESUS

Glory to God for giving me a Friend like Jesus
Glory to God for givving me a friend like you

Thank you for reading 
Be blessed, smile, you are also a friend.
© Hannah Michaela Vandi

“Treasure Trove of Information”

'I don’t want you to die, says the Sovereign Lord . 
Turn back and live!'

Ezekiel 18:32 NIV

Grace, mercy and peace from God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ our Saviour

It is the last day of the month of May, welcome!

This weekend was full of sunshine and smiles. Hope you had a good weekend too.

I spent Friday to Sunday in church as it was our Catalyst Festival weekend with the youth team.

In this weekend we sang a song 
In this weekend the churches gather together online
In this weekend we have a strong body 

God made it possible 
He opened the gates and the internet was not down
The children, youth and adults all over the cities in the UK and outside came together

What a mighty God we serve!
For it is in Christ that we keep the perfect peace
Our minds are stayed on You only

So many nuggets taken away from the weekend 
They are like pages in the book 
Written on and ready to be given away 

As I reflected on the weekend, I got to know others. Helped in the kitchen to prepare meals. Assistant chef (giving myself a title, because I was working with a chef and the food was amazing), it was fun. I forgot about myself and that meant I ate too much but I enjoyed the movement of the body. We are one in Christ and should enjoy life as it is. Live now, be present for we do not know if tomorrow will come.

What an amazing God we serve. 
Jesus, never let Him become just a norm in your life
A norm that forgets He exists, but

He is much more than a norm 
He went above and beyond the human knowledge 
He sleeps in front of the gate day and night so no one can come in or out 

See GOD daily, in the eyes Jesus
In awe and wonder with reverence fear
Come let us return to the Lord 

He will always find the one

No matter how broken or torn to pieces we are 
God will heal us, through Christ Jesus 
No matter how injured we are
It is in Christ, God binds the wounds

Our scars show the glory of our God
Jesus was raised from the dead 
To restore us 
That we may live in the presence of God

Let us acknowledge the LORD
Let us press on intentionally and come to the LORD

As surely as the sun rises, 
He will appear to those who seek Him
He will come to us like the winter rains
He will come to us like the summer rains 
He will come to us like the spring rains

The rains that water the earth

Let your love shine
Do not let your love be like the morning mist
Or like the early dew that disappears
For our Lord desire mercy not sacrifice 
And to know Him more than anything else. 

Come and let us sit with the LORD

Let us give thanks to the Lord 
For He is good!
His mercy endures forever

For in Christ Jesus we have been saved
For we no longer outsiders but part of the body
To give thanks to His Holy Name

To triumph in His praise
Blessed be the Lord God of Israel
From everlasting to everlasting.
Thank you for stopping by it means a lot to me.
This is information only and not advice

Pray you have a wonderful week 🙂
We cannot control what happens around us, 
but we can control our responses.

©Hannah M Vandi.

And I also pray that this verse refreshes you this week: 
I consider my life worth nothing to me; 
my only aim is to finish the race and 
complete the task the Lord Jesus has given 
me—the task of testifying to the 
good news of God’s grace. '
Acts 20:24 NIV

Night in the woods:

Walk in Burgers-Park, Southwark London: It has little mini forest with trees surrounding it. I love walking in it. Not at night, It is already dark in the day.
Each evening
Random inspiration echoes in the night
As we sit by the night clear sky 
The woods burning and the fire ablaze

We need the inspiration to walk into our rooms 
Two miles from the fire place as random 
Ghost stories are told and even demons 
Come into the conversation 

I could get up and walk away from the stories
It was too enticing and it might be rude 
Yes, this is peer pressure 
My itching ears also wanted to stay and hear the end 

I stayed until the end
Yes I get to walk in the dark alone
And the leaves moves and 
every shape resembles the stories

My heart starts to pound so hard 
My eyes start to deceive me 
My mind starts to play tricks
My feet starts to slow down

I stopped, a sound something is coming
Should I run or wait for the beast to come
This is the mind telling me the things I should not hear
Out of the corner of my eyes was a movement 

The shape was getting larger 
I mean the shadow was coming close
Why can’t I run, fear has root me on the spot
Boo! I scream and laughter echoed 
© Hannah Michaela Vandi

Thank You for stopping by. 

Love is an amazing gift we have
For it is like a food 
Eat it too quickly and you never taste how good it is

May the light in you shine bright always
May the Name of our God be glorify
Have a restful weekend
In the Name of Jesus