“Treasure Trove of Information”

'Sing to God, 
sing in praise of his name, 
extol him who rides on the clouds ; 
rejoice before him—his name is the Lord . '

Psalms 68:4 NIV

Grace, mercy and peace from God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ our Saviour
Southwark Park, London

Happy that you stopped by, and I hope you had a lovely weekend. 

It is another Monday, there is a desirable treasure that when found at a great price, you will hide it and then sell all you have just so you can have it. Is it worth it? Absolutely!

Come let us sit and talk. This is not a surprise, my weekend was a walking one shocker! I know:
She smiles
She swirls around
She is happy
She had a laugh
She loves herself 
She knows, she is loved
She is a lover and a fighter

Sunday service: my church started a series last week, with an overview. Yes I am getting to the point, this sunday the topic started. The apocalyptic, prophetic and a letter. 

We started Revelation: 

The first time I read this book, it put the fear of God in me. 

Secondly, it also made me see Jesus, I mean see see Him. I had to go a few chapters back to understand who this man is. The Alpha, the Omega, the Beginning, the End.

I am a fantasy girl, and listening to dragons and trying to imagine what John was seeing and how that must have been for him. 

It also made me appreciate the relationship we need with Jesus to make us have a better relationship with the body of Christ. 

Looking forward to studying it again.

Jesus the main source to the Father
Love that He is the High Priest
Our Advocate

Thank you for reading my reflection of the weekend. 
Back to what fun fact I was reading and wanted you look at: 

Today I wanted to share about starch:

Starchy foods are our main source of carbohydrate and have an important role in a healthy diet.

Starchy foods – such as potatoes, bread, rice, pasta, and cereals – should make up just over a third of the food you eat, as shown by the Eatwell Guide

In the United Kingdom the government uses the Eatwell Plate Guide to show pictorially the different types of food we need to eat to achieve a well-balanced and healthy diet. Do have a look at it above.

Starch: They can be rather tasteless and blade but are primary staple food for most people and they provide a large amount of energy as well as protein and fibre.

About one third of the food we eat each day should be bread, rice, pasta, potatoes and other starchy foods. They are a good source of energy and the main source of a range of essential nutrients including fibre, calcium, iron and B vitamins. 

Types of starchy foods:

Starch is used by plants to store energy, either in the plants cells themselves for short-term storage, or in the roots, tubers, fruits, or seeds for long term storage. 

In long term storage starchy foods are potatoes and rice as examples

They are also included in processed foods – flour, bread, noodles and pasta

What are they:

Starchy foods are polysaccharides which means many sugars units. They are formed from long chains of identical glucose units linked together. 

They are divided into types Amylose made from straight chains of glucose molecules and Amylopectin made from branching chains. 

Amylose is a carbohydrate that is resistant to digestion in the stomach and small intestine due to its long unbranched chemical structure. It therefore passes into the large intestine where it has many health benefits. They are found in cereals including corn, maize and rice as well as potatoes, beans, pulses and some vegetables.

Amylopectin is easily digested by enzymes in the small intestine due to the many molecules branching off from the stem of its chemical structure, and therefore, its glycaemic index (GI) Amylopectin, like amylose, is found in cereals, potatoes, beans, pulses and some vegetables. The proportions of amylose and amylopectin vary within each of these foods.

Example Potatoes Amylopectin = 79% and Amylose = 29%

The Glycemic Index (GI) is a measure of how quickly a carbohydrate -containing food raises your blood sugar level when they are eaten by itself sugar or is seen in the bloodstream following the eating of that food, compared to glucose, the most easily digested and absorbed carbohydrate.

It is very important to choose the starchy carbohydrates we eat carefully in order to manage blood sugar levels and optimise their nutrient intake. 

Fruits and vegetables – In addition to supplying both starchy carbohydrates and intrinsic sugars these are high in fibre, micronutrients and antioxidants

When choosing starchy foods it is usually best to choose starchy foods that are high in fibre and that have a low glycaemic load (GL).

Fun fact: Starch is also used to make some packing peanuts, and some drop ceiling tiles.

Thank you for stopping by it means a lot to me.
This is information only and not advice

Pray you have a wonderful week 🙂
We cannot control what happens around us, 
but we can control our responses.

©Hannah M Vandi.

And I also pray that this verse refreshes you this week: 
I consider my life worth nothing to me; 
my only aim is to finish the race and 
complete the task the Lord Jesus has given 
me—the task of testifying to the 
good news of God’s grace. '
Acts 20:24 NIV

“Treasure Trove of Information”

Do you not know that you are the temple of God and that Spirit of God dwells in you?
1 Corinthians 3:16
Lindos, Rhodes. Greece

So today I ask myself? How does food work?  What do I need?

Hello and Welcome to the vault with lots of treasure, shall we take a look around and please indulge me. What has the week in store for us, don’t know about you but one thing for sure is getting to know who God is. You can never have too much of God, it is one thing that we need everyday and always. As I look at my pictures, I praise God for who is to us. His Grace reaches the deepest and darkest part of my inner most being and turned my stony heart into a heart of flesh.

Well let’s look at the vault, come with me and let us start this journey or continue on the journey to GetFIT. I propose we get the treasure and we unpack it in the sunlight. We need the sunlight, some need more and some need less but we all need it. 

Is there a perfect diet? Do we need to have supplements? So many questions, so many answers and fresh advice about what we eat or drink. Are there any scientific basis to any of these claims? Wisdom to discern is always needed. But I tell you this, it is always better to speak to a doctor or dietitian or health professional when it comes to what you eat. “Don’t be a Doctor google” The below is information only and should not be used as advice, thank you. 

Told you to indulge me: 
Well as humans we always looking for answers
In the right place or wrong

We all need moderation 
and as humans we always 
tend to go extreme or we do not. 

Hence everywhere you look or see 
it all about having a balance of everything. 
So we look at the sun and how it is very good for us, some need more of it than others.

But why do we need?
Well let look...

What is Vitamin D?

Helps promote the absorption of calcium and phosphate from food and so is essential for healthy bones and teeth. It is also taught that Vitamin D has functions in the brain, the nervous system, cellular growth  and immunoregulation.  The main forms of Vitamin D are ergocalciferol (D2) and cholecalciferol (D3).

The ability to synthesis 

The main source of vitamin D is the sunlight. While we can get it from the food we eat, it is only in small amounts. It is essential to expose our skin to UV light. Not all of us have enough sunlight.

How much vitamin D does the body make?

It varies with age, weight and skin type. The darker you are the more exposure is needed. Someone like me needs more sunlight than someone who is lighter than me. The amount of sunlight we receive is affected by our latitude and seasons. I think this is fascinating and it has God’s hand all over it. Think about it, the seasons and where you are determines how much you need. Yes, fascinating!

Sources of Vitamin D

Not all vitamin D can be obtained through our diet, but it is possible to get some. The best dietary sources of vitamin D are cod liver oil, oily fish such as salmon or mackerel, eggs and fortified foods.

Good News

The very good news about vitamin D is it stores in the body and does not need to be consumed everyday. Most people should be able to meet the requirement through sun exposure and a balanced diet. However, The Department of Health recommends some people take supplements daily, for example people who are not exposed to much sun, or people with darker skin such as African and Carribean origin and south Asian origin. People aged 65 and over among the many list. The darker your skin the more exposure to sunlight is needed. 

With all good news comes the bad, well only if not done correctly: Is it  possible to take too much?

Unlikely to consume too much vitamin D through natural food sources: the danger is taking additional supplements when you don’t need them. Vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin that is stored in the liver, so too much can be toxic. 

Taking 0.025mg or less a day of vitamin D supplements is unlikely to cause any harm.

It’s nearly the end of the week!

It’s Friday and Thank You Jesus for the whole week, which is almost over and i’m looking forward to the relaxing weekend.

Weekends are my favourite, I have time to make breakfast and spend time outside enjoying the beauty of the world. Stopping to look at the flowers and taking pics.

Another thing that I do is prepare my meal for the week:

Always plan ahead and workout exactly what you need. I make a list before going shopping (sometimes I add to a list in the market not always but it helps to know what I need in the house).

Planning the food ahead means you will not get to the evening from work tired and hungry only to discover there’s nothing healthy in your fridge to eat.

Anyone can do it, you just need to set your mind into action and complete the task. Once you start doing it and see the free time you have in the week you will be grateful to just relax. 

Enjoy the weekend, relaxing.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read.  Hannah – City of Commitment @GetFit:

Have a wonderful day, it is good to stay hydrated. Don’t wait until you are thirsty to drink water. Every little exercise counts towards achieving your goal to lose weight. Example: walking while talking on the phone.

Put your heart and soul into every activity you do, as though you are doing it for the Lord himself and not merely for others. Colossians 3:23 TPT

Start the week with getting the mind right by been committed to GetFIT

No one starts with being healthy. You have to work at it and it is never too late.

Today is the day to start it, Monday is always a good day to start fresh, better yet every day is another opportunity to start fresh. 

Remember it takes consistency and perseverance to get to where you want to be.

So if you are working on a desk like me, set an alarm or if you have the watch that buzzes get an hourly activity with 250 steps going. All little activity counts to your daily activity per day.

You can never get the body you want by staying in the comfort zone.

Challenge yourself to eat the things you will not eat, do the workout you will not do. If you suffer from anything, always speak to your GP first before taking a challenge. 

In my journey, failures, doubts, and sacrifices lead me to in staying healthy and this is ongoing.

I don’t give up. I use my failure as a way to get up and move ahead and start asking questions like what can I do next time to make it better. 

You can do it, I can do it and keep saying it to yourself. Let your mind get a glimpse of what is ahead and have faith. Work smarter, stay on the lane and learn from the failure.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read. 

City of Commitment @GetFit: Have a wonderful day, it is good to stay hydrated. Don’t wait until you are thirsty to drink water. Every little exercise counts towards achieving your goal to lose weight.

For this very reason, make every effort to add to your faith goodness; and to goodness, knowledge and to knowledge, self-control; and to self-control, perseverance; and to perseverance, godliness; and to godliness, mutual affection; and to mutual affection, love.2 Peter 1:5-7 NIV

Start your week with positivity:

For you have need of patient endurance [to bear up under difficult circumstances without compromising], so that when you have carried out the will of God, you may receive and enjoy to the full what is promised. Hebrews 10:36 AMP

Thank you for joining me on the journey to a healthy lifestyle.

To get you going for the week, start your week with positive thinking and focus on all the good you have accomplished so far. Never quit but get up and start again. It is not easy but it gets easier as you stay with it. No need to think about the negative things or the “what ifs” , as it won’t help but just make you miserable. Instead put your energy on today and what can I do to get me to my  goal. 

Positivity today and celebrate all the little things. If you are trying to lose weight and failing, start thinking of what small steps can I take to get the goal I want. Make a realistic goal and make it a lifestyle instead of just a summer holiday body or for a wedding. 

One tip that will help you and has worked for me is to start reducing your food intake. An example is,  if you are used to having 150g of rice a day then go down to 140g and have fruit as a snack if you are hungry. Also careful not to snack on fruit all day the recommended guideline is 2 fruits and 3 vegetables a day. 

On the phone to a friend or anyone walk around while talking and don’t sit as that can help with your daily activity.

Have a wonderful day and stay blessed!

City of Commitment@GetFit