Warnham Nature Reserve
You are aware …
Of what are you talking about 
Well we are not Octopus

I know we are not but I found something 
Oh yeah!

They have a short life expectancy
Really, how long will you say

It ranges from as little as Six months..

Another thing to note about Octopuses.
What’s that?

They never eat in the open 
They are created to feel safe while eating 
So they will bring the captured prey back to the den

Yes do and they also...
Always carry more than they can eat 

Well if you have those eight-limbed molluscs 
I will too.

You certainly don’t need eight 
You already have more than you should anyway with two..

Be nice.. 

Can’t help it, you open the door so easily. 
Why not pull some of your legs out..
they might grow into eight.. who knows


I feel for them?
Why is that? Asides from humans 
They are often preyed by fishes, seabirds 

Well they are beautiful creatures
but they are  
Created to also defend themselves 
Created to disguised themselves 
With camouflage or mimicry

Ones eyes look afar
One can not help but look in awe and wonder 
Ones minds cannot comprehend the beauty 

Things too wonderful for me
which I did not know
©Hannah Michaela Vandi
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