“Treasure trove of information”

'But all things become visible when they are exposed by the light [of God’s precepts], for it is light that makes everything visible. ' Ephesians 5:13

Today, as I enter the vault of my treasures, I focus on the lessons learned as a Nutrition and Weight management adviser: All information below are based on my study guide with FutureFit and for information only not advise. Looking around in the dark, I knew I needed my eyes to adjust in the Light. So as I focus my eyes in the dark, it adjusted so I can see better. Join me in looking at just Vitamin A and how essential it is to the body:

Vitamins are a group of micronutrients found in the different types of food we eat daily. They are very much essential for our body’s growth, vitality and general well-being. Vitamins are organic compounds that play an essential part in controlling our body’s metabolic processes.

Most of us get our Vitamins we need from eating healthy, balanced diet, but in some cases supplements can be useful. (Always seek professional advice from the GP or dietitian before taking supplements)

Vitamin A: Incase you did not know, Vitamin A is a fat-soluble vitamin that is essential for vision in dim light. It also helps to maintain the mucous membranes that protect areas of our body such as the respiratory tract. Finally, for growth and development and also helps regulate the immune system.

Vitamin A is essential for vision in dim light and maintains resistance to infection.

All is not lost, as it is common and found fairly in common foods. Good sources are liver, carrots, dairy products and spinach. They are found in fatty foods such as oily fish, eggs and diary foods rather than fruit and vegetables.

Antioxidants intake: Tips

Vitamin A (as beta-carotene) works as a scavenger of free radicals as well as scavenging single oxygen molecules. One of the ways that free radicals attack the body’s defence systems is by attaching themselves to the fatty acids in the body. They use the double bonds present in the fatty acids as a point of attachment.

So it is vital to eat a good range of antioxidant-rich food, evidence has shown that you will be less likely prone to heart attack, stroke, cataracts and some cancers. They have a very important to the body from helping us to see in the dark (yes, carrots do help!) to regulating our immune system and stopping us from getting rickets.

Your dietary intake can have a profound effect on your overall health.

So what are the foods that contain the most antioxidants? Good question! Bonus answers. Well, they are found in plenty of fruits and vegetables, whole grains and nuts. The following examples are good sources of antioxidants as they contain ACE vitamins and the minerals selenium, copper and zinc which have antioxidant properties: Broccoli, Carrots, Peppers, Vegetable oil, Apricots, Nuts/seeds, Whole grains

As I am focus on Vitamin A: Here is an example to maximise the intake. Switching from ordinary potatoes to sweet potatoes will increase the intake of vitamin A, as an alternative to the usual baked potatoes. Serve a side dish with carrots for extra vitamin A. Carrots, whether whole or juiced, are a good source of vitamin A.

Vitamin A deficiency can have some nasty consequences. Not getting enough vitamin A may end up with reduced night vision, and eventually loss of sight due to damage to the corneas. The resistance to infection may also be lowered, as vitamin A helps to regulate the immune systems.

Can you have too much?

As long as you only consume vitamin A from natural sources then it is unlikely to get enough for it to be harmful. However, taking vitamin A supplements can lead to excess amounts being stored in the liver, where it may eventually become toxic. Fat-soluble vitamins are stored in the LIVER in the same cells that store fat but also elsewhere in the body. Always seek professional advice before taking supplements for Vitamin A especially if you are pregnant 

The dietary reference value for vitamin A is 600 μg/day for females and 700 μg/day for males.

God is so great, creating the human system to defend itself in such a simple and very effective way.

'Now my beloved ones, I have saved these most important truths for last: Be supernaturally infused with strength through your life-union with the Lord Jesus. Stand victorious with the force of his explosive power flowing in and through you.' Ephesians 6:10 TPT

It is great to know that all things in life are all connected to God, the body is fascinating and how we have defences built in, to fight off unknowns. The same goes with our walk with the LORD, If we don’t have enough light we cannot see in the dark. The light of the world, the Bible, prayer, worship are all essential to our immune system of the body of Christ. Without Him we risk total blindness and very much our defences will become weak. It is vital to put on the full armour of God daily to walk on earth.
For as we cannot see how the Vitamins works in the body, but they are very much vital to the body, so is our full armour of God. Stand firm, and confidently walk with God. Trusting in Him only

‘For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places. ‘ Ephesians 6:12